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Our vision statement identifies who we belong to and what our Lord wants us to do: "In Christ, Always Praising, Serving, Growing."

Tab 1: "Praising"

WORSHIP: Sunday Mornings at 11:00 AM and special services of Christian Year

In Christ, we seek to be Always PRAISING God. Every Sunday, we seek to honor God's astounding love and grace as revealed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Sunday service has all the familiar elements of worship that make praising God meaningful and joyful including Bible readings, prayers, a sermon and the singing of hymns and contemporary songs as accompanied by piano, guitar and CD.

Tab 2: "Serving"

SERVICE: Varied Ministries Throughout the Year

In Christ, we seek to be Always SERVING our fellow men, women and children - - To show love, offer encouragement and lead people to the Christ who came to serve and not be served. When we do this we follow Jesus who, as written in Acts 10:38, "went about doing good." Our church has gone about doing good by making Christ known through the offering of various people-helping ministries.

  • Volunteer at Beds for Kids whose goal is to provide beds for every child in Charlotte.
  • Receive monthly "4 for the Poor" offerings where we donate at least $4.00 or bring at least 4 canned goods to support the needy in our community. In 2019, we gave over $2100 and donated over 1200 pounds of canned goods to Loaves and Fishes.
  • Host Narcotics Anonymous gatherings, an immigrant church, a church for the homeless in Charlotte and a music class for the disabled.
  • Serve prisoner's children and families at Christmas through Angel Tree.
  • Put together Samaritan's Purse Shoe Boxes.
  • Give to our church's Good Samaritan Fund to support individuals and families in our local community.
  • Support a missionary family with Wycliffe Bible Translators.
  • Send support to Crisis Assistance Ministries and the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

Tab 3: "Growing"

GROWTH: Sunday School at 10:00 AM and Share Life Bible Studies on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM.

In Christ, we seek to be Always GROWING by being transformed in our hearts, minds and choices to become like Jesus Christ. This transformative growth is the work of God's Spirit in our lives and is a lifelong pursuit that affects every part of our lives as we interact in our families, our careers, at church and everywhere else. Our church encourages on-going Spiritual Growth in 2 ways:

The ABC's of Christianity

Everyone learns their ABC's from an early age. Similarly, the ABC's are a good way to learn the teachings of the Christian faith.

Third Presbyterian Church has embarked on a 2-year Bible Reading program to get to know God's word and respond more deeply in our calling to follow our Lord Jesus. During 2020-2021, each month will have a different letter of the alphabet assigned to it.

  • Each week will have a designated theme based on that month's assigned letter. Each day of each week will have 2 Bible readings on that theme. The Wednesday Bible study lesson will be focused on that week's Bible readings.
  • The sermon for each Sunday will be from one of the Bible readings from that week and the subject to be preached will be the theme for the week.

The ABCs of Christianity has been published into a 70 page booklet. If you'd like a copy, please contact the church office. The goal is that every Christian will learn the Bible better and grow to become more like our Lord Jesus Christ in how we live, serve and love others.

9 Discipleship Commitments

As Jesus called His original 12 disciples, He calls all people to Himself. By faith, we become Jesus' followers, ambassadors and friends. Our church challenges all people to work toward markers of spiritual growth through 9 Discipleship Commitments. The organization of these commitments is around our Vision Statement: "In Christ, always Praising, Serving, Growing."

My Commitment: As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I am called to a life of intentional discipleship to serve Jesus in all aspects of my being. Out of love for Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for me and now lives in me, I commit myself to the following habits.



1.  Pray Daily (Luke 11:9-10)     2.  Worship Weekly (Luke 4:16)

3.  Express Thanks Continually (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)


1.  Serve Compassionately (Matthew 20:28)     2.  Give Generously (Luke 21:1-4)

3.  Witness Boldly (Luke 9:1-2, 6)


1.  Live Obediently (Luke 8:19-21; 11:27-28)     2.  Study Bible Regularly (Luke 24:27,44-45)

3.  Help Others Lovingly (I John 3:17-18)

I know that my relationship with God is by grace through faith. By these commitments, I am loving Jesus and showing gratitude for the life He has given me by intentionally living to show forth the heart of God to everyone God brings into my life.

Mission Statement: 'In Christ, Always Praising, Serving, Growing'
4019 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 | (704) 537-5313 |