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tp picture This page celebrates the past and the present of Third Presbyterian Church. This church's beginning was in 1890 and has served the Charlotte community under its current name. It was also known as Graham Street Church and Tenth Avenue Church, and merged with St. Paul Presbyterian Church.

Over a half century ago, after a fire destroyed the Tenth Avenue Church, the congregation moved to our current location. This move also was one of the triggers for a name change, which was approved by the Mecklenburg Presbytery on April 16, 1957. Third Presbyterian Church was picked because, when the Graham Street Church was organized in 1890, there were only two Presbyterian churches in Charlotte: First Presbyterian Church (1832), and Second Presbyterian Church (1873 - which later became Covenant Presbyterian Church).

The 41/2 half acre plot of ground on Central Avenue was purchased for $21,400. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on April 26, 1956 for the first two buildings planned for the property. A dedication service was held December 15, 1956, for the Education Building, and the Fellowship Hall, which would be used for the worship services until the Sanctuary could be built. 23, 1969.

The building program for the sanctuary and enlargement of the Education Building and office space was begun with the successful $300,000 bond campaign, which kicked off on April 22, 1967. The first service was held in the Sanctuary on March 2, 1969.

On August 2, 1970, Third Presbyterian Church and St. Paul Presbyterian Church officially merged and the name Third Presbyterian Church was retained.

Another building program was committed to for a new Fellowship Hall and kitchen and to add classrooms and rest rooms on the second floor of the Education Wing. Groundbreaking was held on May 22, 1983 (Homecoming Day,) for these improvements and a dedication of the new facilities was held October 12, 1983.

We praise God for our colorful and rich history and we celebrate that the Spirit leads us continually into the future.


pic St Paul 1889 - This church was organized as Sunday School by an elder of Second Presbyterian Church, at Alpha Mill on East 12th Street. It was later located on North Caldwell Street, and known as Phifer Chapel.

1906 - Phifer Chapel changed its name to Eastside Chapel, located on corner of Caldwell and Twelfth Street. Name was soon thereafter changed to St. Paul Presbyterian Church.

1922 - This church moved to North Davidson and East Twelfth Street.

1943 - This church moved again to Clarice and Westmoreland.

1951 - This church moved once again to McClintock and Westover.

1970 - Third Presbyterian Church and St. Paul Presbyterian Church officially merged and the name Third Presbyterian Church was retained.

Tenth Avenue Presbyterian Church

1883 - The women members of Second Presbyterian Church formed a Sunday School at Charlotte Cotton Mill, which developed into Graham Street Chapel, largely sustained by Second Presbyterian Church.

1889 - Graham Street Chapel became an organized church, and in 1901 erected a new building at Pine and Tenth Street and changed name to Tenth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

1956 - The sanctuary was destroyed by fire.

1956 - Decision was made to move the congregation to the property at Central Avenue & Sheridan Drive. Here the church name was changed to Third Presbyterian Churc with its first service held in the fellowship hall in 1956.

1969 - A dedication service was held for a new sanctuary, enlarged educational facilities and office space.

1970 - Third Presbyterian Church and St. Paul Presbyterian Church officially merged and the name Third Presbyterian Church was retained.

1983 - A new fellowship hall, kitchen, classrooms and restrooms were constructed.

Pastors that have Served our Churches

Graham Street Church
Rev. C. W. Robinson 1890-1891
Rev. F. D. Hunt 1892-1895
Rev. W. G. White 1896-1897
Rev. W. A. Wynne 1897-1898
Rev. W. G. Belk 1900-1905
Tenth Avenue Church
Dr. Angus Shaw 1905-1914
Dr. A. S. Sibley 1914-1919
Rev. Daniel Iverson 1919-1922
Rev. J. F. Ligon 1923-1928
Rev. E. A. Dillard 1928-1939
Rev. Julian Warner 1940-1944
Rev. Chester Keller 1944-1951
Rev. Gilbert Kirckhoff 1951-1954
Rev. Malcolm Williamson  1954-1956
St. Paul Presbyterian
Rev. C. E. Raynal 1907-1909
Rev. Walter E. Furr 1909-1917
Rev. C. G. Lynch 1917-1921
Rev. Samuel B. Lyerly 1922-1930
Rev. Chas A. Harper 1930-1938
Rev. Ben T. Harrop 1938-1941
Rev. W. A. Brown 1941-1945
Rev. William Gamble 1945-1955
Rev. Wm. M. Boyce 1955-1962
Rev. William Gettys 1962-1966
Rev. James Barksdale 1967-1970
Third Presbyterian
Rev. Malcolm Williamson 1956-1965
Rev. Edwin O. Byrd, Jr. 1966-1976
Rev. Jack Morrison (Associate) 1971-1976
Rev. Fred McAlister 1977-1991
Dr. Ralph E. Dennison (Associate) 1979-1984
Rev. Charles Kirkpatrick (Interim)  1985
Rev. Bryan C. Harris (Associate) 1986-1991
Dr. William G. Young 1992-2000
Dr. Martha Jane Raedels (Interim) 2000-2001
Dr. Carl Dumford 2001-2007
Rev. Coburn Colwell (Interim) 2007-2007
Rev. Jay Weigel 2007-

Mission Statement: 'In Christ, Always Praising, Serving, Growing'
4019 Central Ave. Charlotte, NC 28205 | (704) 537-5313 |