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In Christ, Always Praising, Serving, Growing.


Amanda Abernathy Air NG 2001-present
Jim Bookout Army NG 1958-1959
Barry Cook Air Force 1973-1978
Reserves 1978-1998
Sonny Connell Army 1962-1964
Robert Creech Army 1943-1946
Melvin Dixon Army  
Dan Duncan Army 1967-1969
Wally Duncan Marines  
Michael Folino-Gallo Army 1980-2007
Bill Hale Air Force 1958-1961
Jim Hanline Air Force 1957-1962
Gary Helms Navy 1962-1964
Len Hull Army 1971-1972
Gary Johnson Air Force  
Charles B Ledford Army 1963
Norman McCoy Army Air Force 1943-1945
Roy Monroe Army 1947-1950
Tim Parker US Army  
Robert Pennington Army  
Michael Purser, Jr. Navel Air  
Al Selby Army NG 1959-1965
Bill Sells Army 1951-1953
Wayne Setzer Air Force 1957-1961
Brian Shaver Marines present
Roger Shepherd Army  
Earney Smith Air National Guard  
Ken Smith Air Force  
Edward J. Weigel US National Guard 2007- Current
Jim Westmoreland Air Force 1972-1990
Larry Von Cannon Army  

Milton Allen Naval Reserve 1952-1960
Murray Berryhill Army WW II
Bob Brand Navy 1944-1946
J.C. Brown Fleet Marines WW II
Wilburn Brown Army Air Core 1943-1945
John Buckley Sr. Navy WW II
Hollon Byrd Army WW II
Walter Carmichael Army WW II
Paul Carpenter Air Force WW II
Jack Cathey Navy WW II
Willis Chambers   WW II
Bill Childers Army 1944-1946
Robert Christenbury Navy WW II
Dr. A.J. Cook Army Special Training Froces 1940-1941
Richard Crockford Air Force & NC Air NG 1954-1975
William "Bill" Crowder Marines WW II
Oscar Davis Navy  
Sam Dixon Army  
Daphine Doster Army Nurse Corp WW II
Clarence M Downing Army Air Corp WW II
John Freeman Marines 1943-1946
Guy Gold   WW II
W.H. "Bill" Harmon Navy WW II
Bill Herman Army WWII 1943-1945
Jerry Holcomb Marines 6 years
Roy Jenks Air Force  
Ray Kimbrell Navy  
J.T. Leonard Army WW II
Allen Locke    
John McKeta Air Force 1963-1967
Charles Moore Army WW II
Odell Needham Army  
Hal Owens Army & Air Force  
James William Parnell Sr. Army WW I
J.W. "Bill" Parnell Navy WW II
Kenneth Plott Navy WW II
Harold Pyles Army, Army Reserves 1964-1968 23 years
Charles Reaves Navy WW II
Albert Renaud National Guard & Army  
Hershel Sanders Army 1955-1957
George Sawyer Army Air Corp WW II
Norman Sechler Navy 1943-1946
Eli Shepherd   WW II
William "Bill" Stewart Army Signal Corp WW II
Dean Warwick Navy  
Jim Welch Air Force 1943-1945
Russ Westmoreland Army WW II
Ray Williams Army 1945-1946
Erskine H. Willis Jr. Army WW II
Stanley Winchester Air Force  
Walter Woods Navy WW II

Mission Statement: 'In Christ, Always Praising, Serving, Growing'

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