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In Christ, Always Praising, Serving, Growing.

Church Teams

Team: Christian Education

Purpose: To develop and administer a program of Christian Education for all members of the church.

The Christian Education leadership team seeks to provide meaningful Christian education experiences for all ages in our congregation. These include, but are not limited to, Sunday School, Children's Church, Third Time Wednesday programs for children, youth and adults, leadership training seminars, confirmation classes, Vacation Bible School, and Presbytery retreats and conferences.

This team maintains a fully staffed and equipped nursery for Sunday School and morning worship. They plan leadership training events for all volunteer church school teachers, mid-week program personnel and youth leaders. They encourage participation in Presbytery and other denominational Christian Education events. )

Team: Fellowship

Purpose: To plan, prepare for and implement all fellowship activities for the congregation including, but not limited to covered dish meals, special dinners, and the like.

Team: Finance and Personnel

Purpose: To develop a comprehensive plan concerning the administration of church funds, as well as to maintain adequate staff and office equipment needed by the church to carry out its functions.

The Finance and Personnel leadership team prepares an annual budget for presentation to the Session and to monitor the budgetary needs of the congregation. Financial reports are prepared monthly to be submitted to the Session and given quarterly to the congregation.

This ministry team develops a continuing program of stewardship within the congregation where emphasis is placed on the total stewardship of life, including time, talents and money.

Team: Human Services

Purpose: To guide and direct the congregation in Christian service to others by being responsive to the needs of the congregation and community; To help members of the congregation to assume their responsibilities in Christian witness around our community and world.

The Human Services leadership team seeks to provide opportunities to help the needy of our world. They keep abreast of community and church needs and initiate programs in response, including supporting the 10-cents-a-meal and blanket offerings, volunteering at the Charlotte Rescue Mission, giving to "4 for the Poor" which goes to support Loaves and Fishes, Samaritan's Purse and a host of other opportunities.

This team provides Christian ministry to the elderly, shut-ins and others unable to participate in the activities of the church. They lead the congregation in participating in mission programs at national and world levels.

Team: Property

Purpose: To be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all church property.

The Property leadership team seeks to insure that all structures owned by the church are maintained in such a manner as to make them safe, usable, and attractive. They make periodic checks and repairs for all church-owned property and maintain the church grounds by using skilled personnel in our membership whenever possible and by scheduling periodic workdays for the entire congregation.

Team: Youth and Children

Purpose: To lead all children and youth to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be responsible for ensuring that the Youth ministry remains a nurturing and caring Christian environment for the youth at all times.

Work in coordination with the Christian Education ministry team when team responsibilities overlap. (ie, VBS plans and Montreat retreats.) Plan, coordinate and oversee all youth and children's activities, outings and programs.

Be responsible for ensuring the safety, supervision and well being of the youth participating in our youth and children's programs.

Team: Worship

Purpose: To create worship experiences that encourage all attendees to participate in meaningful worship services where everyone joyfully gives all praise and honor to our triune God.

This team organizes and makes preparation for administering of the Sacraments of the Lord's Supper and Holy Baptism. They coordinate all church music programs, including the choir, musical instruments and special services, like Christmas Eve Candlelight, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise, weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.

They prepare the sanctuary for worship services by hanging banners according to the church year, as well as overseeing the adequacy of all worship materials and supplies.

Mission Statement: 'In Christ, Always Praising, Serving, Growing'

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